Thursday, December 6, 2012

All Hands on Deck (Literally)

Let me just tell you about our backyard... It is amazing. Probably 95% of why we bought the house. Makes sense, right? It's minutes from the interstate, but it feels like we're in an enchanted forest. When we met one of the Fowler boys (previous owners) for the first time, he said something I will never forget... "We killed a lot of Indians in that backyard." Now, he didn't mean literally of course. Being the mother of a boy, this made me dream. Fast forward 5 years, to Levi and Will running around like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Wrong cowboys, but you get my point. I loved the idea of watching Levi play in that beautiful yard. The only problem... the deck was in bad shape! It was the best money could buy when they built it 50 years ago, but time had taken its toll on that old stoop. So, we got busy. Yes, we! I carried millions of boards from the garage to the deck. Well, maybe not millions, but it felt like it. Obviously, dad is the hero of this story. The deck is incredible. I just kept asking him "How do you know what to do?" I can picture the end product, but when it comes to actually building it, I am out!
Without further adieu...

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