Thursday, August 25, 2011

L is for Levi

I am going room by room in the decorating process. The only room I was having trouble with was Levi's! It surprised me too. I just want it to be a fun place for him to play and learn. The idea started while I was looking on Pintrest (BEST SITE EVER!). I am assigning our family members a letter to hang on Levi's wall. This way everyone will have a part in the design of his room! I am really excited about this idea! I want all sizes of letters... BIG and small. The colors in his room are going to be greens, blues, and greys. But white, black, and silver will make an appearance :)
I am also thinking about doing the bottom half of the wall in chalk board paint. We will hang a sheet of tin metal on the top half of one wall so we can hang Levi's artwork. I am not sure about anything else, but I'd say that's a start! It will probably be my favorite room when it's all said and done.

Here are a few examples of the alphabet wall...

Here are a few chalk board wall and sheet metal boards :)

Happy Hunting, Family :)

Allyson and Early Borden • A
Beth Jones • B
Caleb Sheppard • C
Dee Dee Norwood • D
Elli Sheppard • E
Becky and Robbie Farnham • F
Gail Sheppard • G
Phillip Sheppard • H
Bella Borden • I
Bob Jones • J
Katie Jones • K
Levi Jones • L
Jeanette Brumley • M
MayAnne and Jerry Norwood • N
Carol Jones • O
Peyton Sheppard • P
Lea and Clint Sheppard • Q
Lisa and Wes Sanders • R
Shelby Sheppard • S
Teresa Sheppard • T
Whitney Eppinette • U
Vicky and Papaw Sanders  • V
Will Jones • W
Linda and Gary Barber • X
Kelly Eppinette • Y
Case and Elizabeth Farnham • Z

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